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مجموعة مخرجين

Asha Abdille


Asha has been a part of the Family Room for years. We are happy to have Asha be a part of our team keeping spaces clean and ready for play and connections.

Laurie Keve

Director of Development

I am humbled and deeply grateful to have joined The Family Room in 2022 as our very first Director of Development. Every day, I find inspiration from our talented, passionate, and creative program staff. I feel like I have "come home"! I believe that my most important responsibility as a fundraiser is to foster deep, long-term relationships with funders and donors, and to support strategic partnerships that both support our work and enable donors to fulfill their philanthropic goals in ways that feel right to them.

Emily Padua

Operations Coordinator

I joined the Family Room in 2021 as a member of the Healthy Families From the Start team. I transitioned to the new role of Operations Coordinator in 2023. I am excited to be in a position to help The Family Room continue to run smoothly and do the important work of supporting families in our community.

Dayva Savio

Healthy Families From the Start Coordinator

I started volunteering at the Family Room in 2018 when I first moved back to Vermont and joined the staff in 2020! I love how the Family Room supports all families exactly where they are at. Everyone is included and welcomed as soon as they walk through the door. As a trained Postpartum Doula, Childbirth and Lactation Educator I am excited to support families who are expecting or have new little babies. My focus is always on finding ways to cultivate a calm nervous system and feel connected and confident as parents to our little humans.

Emma Redden

Child Care & Preschool Team

I started at the Family Room in the Fall of 2022. I feel so blessed to be in community with young children and their families at The Family Room. I am a preschool teacher by training and I teach preschool and work in playgroups at The Family Room. A big focus in my work with children is talking about racism, using school as a place to practice democracy and freedom, and doing conflict resolution and repair work.

Yeonju Kim

Human Resources Coordinator

I am very happy to join the Family Room as HR Coordinator. I am excited to work with the team that supports the community. I was born and raised in Korea and moved to Vermont in 2002. Before, I thought Vermont was too cold for me but now I can't imagine a winter without snow. In my free time I enjoy hiking, gardening, crocheting, quilting and spending time with my family.

Ali Adam

Family Strengthening Worker

I started working at the Family Room in 2023. I've always heard great things about the family room and I see why everyday. There is a relentless energy in this building when it comes to helping people, and I appreciate that. I get to work with a great group of people who come here everyday to make our community a better place. I think serving our community is really important and I am glad the Family Room put me in a position to do so.

Maryan Maalin

Family Strengthening Worker

Maryann works n the New American Health Clinic as a Family Strengthening worker. She has been a part of the Family Room Community for over a decade and brings a wide range of health and family wellness skills to our community.

Cadoux Dzingou

Program Support

I'm from the Congo and I used to come to The Family Room to get bread. One day I decided to volunteer at the father room and that's when I fell in love with the organization. Now that I am working here, I feel like I find myself in a place where I belong.

Damon Savage

Fatherhood Coordinator

I joined the staff of the Family Room to increase my knowledge of family support and broaden my
understanding of our community’s diversity. Having been a father for only 8 years means I have as much
to learn about supporting families as I have to learn about raising children. The Family Room offers me
the opportunity to sharpen my fathering skills while meeting and sharing with the many members and
families in the community.

Hajiya Nuriya Ibrahim

Program staff / Cleaner

Hajiya Nuria been with the Family Room for over a decade in a number of roles, starting with her experience as a parent attending Family Room Programs, to volunteering time with AmeriCorps and work in the Preschool classroom. She was hired in 2021 and brings wisdom, peaceful and friendly attitude, and community connections to the Family Room.

Robin McClelland

Administrative Assistant

I have been with the Family Room since February 2019. I started helping with data collection, and am now doing Administrative tasks. I am so excited to be a small part of the wonderful work everyone does here at the Family Room. My hero is anyone fighting for the planet.

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